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Helping you manage your life by managing your emotions

We all live increasingly stressful lives. And we all react to life’s stresses differently.

Some might turn in on themselves, sinking into depression, or turn to props such as drugs, alcohol or smoking to keep going. Others might try to stay in control by controlling other aspects of their lives — such as eating and weight or exercise routines.

Often people under stress or pressure, or with emotional or traumatic experiences to manage, develop anxiety, fears, phobias or habits. They might be less able to manage their anger, or suffer from insomnia or erratic sleep patterns.

Others might be under pressure to achieve — at work or as a partner, a parent or child — or feel stuck on a treadmill going nowhere. People not in work are under pressure to find jobs, or may be struggling to keep it all together without work. Some might have concerns about their identity or their relationships with family, friends, colleagues, the world. A few might face short term, demanding pressures, in sports performances or corporate events for example, and need to bolster themselves and boost their performance.

Relationships may be strained or broken, finances might be tight or dependent on debt, expectations could be high or non-existent, challenges might be impossible to face. Self-esteem could plummet, affecting performance or driving people into isolation.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with your life, psychotherapy and counselling can help.

Our approach to psychotherapy and counselling

We take an holistic approach to therapy -  often blending therapies (such as psychotherapy and CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy) together – so that each client receives the counselling services best for them – depending on what they are experiencing.

We know you may be delving deep into feelings and emotions which have been hidden, suppressed, denied, unrecognised, unacknowledged and that they need to be brought out and managed with sensitivity and respect. Whichever form of psychotherapy and counselling therapy you have, we will ensure you feel able to express your private thoughts and experiences in a safe, confidential environment.

If you want help with managing your emotions, so you can manage your life, and would like to consider psychotherapy and counselling services in London and Twickenham, do get in touch.

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What we help with:

Some of the many conditions treated by Pinnacle Therapy
Why choose us?
  • extensively trained, fully qualified and experienced professionals
  • the support we offer is personalised to your needs
  • variety of appointment times, to fit into your busy schedule
  • therapy rooms in two locations
  • payment options including concessions for students and pensioners
  • therapists who speak French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

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Therapy in business and organisations

Counselling and psychotherapy techniques can turn a business round, just as much as they can change the lives of individuals. Pinnacle Therapy's sister business, Pinnacle Proactive, specialises in supporting businesses. Please visit